Event Schedule

August 9

Welcome To Route 56                                                                                              Join the fun from 3pm-5pm at Roller Motion Skate Center. This event is for completed grades 4-6. Cost is $10.00/person and includes regular skates and a drink, Rollerblades are an additional $2.00. Kids can bring extra money to purchase snacks or play video games.

August 21

JumpStart Preteens                                                                                                The starting point of membership for preteens at Hunter Street Baptist Church. We require that all preteens attend the membership class held on Sunday afternoon at 4pm The membership class exists to help preteens understand what it means to be a Christian and a part of Hunter Street Baptist Church. Please RSVP to Kellie Woods.

August 24

Immerse                                                                                                                   If your child is wanting to be baptized, IMMERSE is the follow-up to the preteen information class and is held in the KidQuest building. The class takes place at 5:30pm on Wednesday evening. At least one parent must be present with the preteen in IMMERSE.  IMMERSE exists to help preteens clearly understand what the Bible says about baptism and is a requirement before baptism. Please RSVP to Kellie Woods.